Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Getting the house ready

In April we solidify our decision to try and sell our house. We called our realtors have who helped us by our home and they came over and help us make a list of all the things we need to get done. Let's just say it was a pretty extensive list and we got to work. While working we found some funny things like this writing on our windowsill that Gracie had done who knows when. 

What it says is "house of Lou Lou, Joe Joe, Gracie, mom, dad". William is not included in this, I don't know if that's on purpose or not.

This one says "no robbers allowed". I'm so glad we got this protecting us.

One of the things we needed to do was paint the house. This is something that we wanted to do since we moved in but put it off because we thought it will cost a lot of money. It turns out it actually wasn't all that much. Renting a paint sprayer was fairly inexpensive the highest cost was that paint. It took a lot of prep work taping and such but it was worth it, the house looks great. We really wish we had done it sooner.

I worked really hard for we get the house ready by decluttering every room in the house. This was quite a task. Russ had a Saturday off so we chose that Saturday to have a yard sale. We sold quite a bit of stuff. It was freezing that day. It started to sprinkle around noon and we knew it was going to rain so we loaded everything up really quick and took it to be. It was hard for me there was a lot of things I had collected over the years of thrift store shopping. That I've been loaded things up I just went inside ate some chips and salsa and told myself "it was just stuff it didn't matter".
Next we got the pool resurfaced. This is the priciest thing we had to do, but it really needed to be done. They came one day with jackhammers and this is what it looks like when they were done. Became the next day and resurfaced it all pretty and smooth.

Lou has been sort of a clingy baby. She was hardly ever taking naps during this time. And if she did they were very short. I had a hard time getting anything done so when they finally tied her to my chest and that's how I got to work.

I had a lot of stress during this time and I think it was because the house mostly looked like this. It seem to matter how hard I try to keep it clean it just got worse and worse. Looking back I realize that's because I had so many good projects I was doing that I hardly had time to focus on the everyday tasks. And I also have a baby. 

I will also we did not get a dog, that is for the dog we were dog sitting.

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