Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter 2014

The day before Easter we went to McCormick railroad park to meet with my extended Huston family. First things first, let the kids ride the train.
This may have been the only time Louise let anyone else hold her without crying. She was being extremely clingy.

Gracie's face in this picture cracks me up, she was so excited.

 I see you! After the train ride they ran to play on the playgrounds while I ate and visited and tried to keep Lou happy. After awhile my siblings and their families came to our home for an Easter Egg Hunt. Look at those cute kiddos!

Trying to keep Louise happy

Joseph with his shorts on backwards (as usual).

Then we cleaned up and quickly headed over to Rex and Shaleigh's for the Christensen gathering.

He was trying to dodge the picture and it got all distorted. It got us laughing pretty hard. And then Uncle Don did a flip on the tramp and landed on the ground instead of the tramp. That didn't make us laugh.
As the night wore on Joseph got sick (again) at Rex and Shaleigh's (again). And because he was sick Sunday was a little hectic, but I did get a picture of Gracie's hair. And they did get Easter baskets where they got gum, chocolate eggs, a book, and bath colors. Joseph said, "you got just what we wanted." I am glad he is so easy to please.

Trying out the bath colors. Gracie said they were really tiny people in a giants soda.

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