Wednesday, May 21, 2014

More sickness

This picture was taken one day when Russ was sick. Don't ask me what was wrong cause I don't really remember. It could have been a stomach bug or fever. Who knows because through the month of April, May, and part of June there was always someone in our home that was sick. Joseph didn't seem to mind that Dad could just lay down and watch a movie with him. 

A few days latter William and Gracie both woke up with a fever. I gave Gracie some medicine and she felt a little better and the fever went down but later in the day she was taking a nap and I went to take her tempereature and it said it was 105. William had something around that so I decided to take them both to the ER. I wish I hadn't because we ended up paying about $300 for them to tell us to give them Motrin and Tylenol. Oh and Gracie had an ear infection that we got antibiotics for. I am glad they were okay and luckily they got better in the next couple of days. 

Mama and Papa Christensen came to help me with Joseph and Louise. They ended up trading me cars and took them home, but I forgot to get their keys so I ended up having to ride in the back of Russ truck. It felt so weird to be doing that. Luckily it was only for a couple miles but what a strange couple miles it was.

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