Thursday, July 28, 2011

Calm before the storm

The other day I looked over to discover that Gracie was "building" Joseph a house. A house of umbrellas and other various items.
He was enjoying himself.

Then William realized what was going on and joined in on the fun and I threw our painting sheet over them. They were in heaven. 

Next thing I know Gracie pops out with William's Easter bow tie on her head. I had to force her to let me take a picture of her.

So that is how the last couple of days have gone, pretty chill and lots of play. We have been having a good time. That is the calm, now here comes the storm. 
Tomorrow (Friday) my brother Mark will start moving all of their belongings out of this room (below).
This will then become our family room. This is very exciting, except that we don't have furniture to put in it and not really any money to buy we will see what happens. We did get it painted already. A dark gray called Cement from Martha Stewart, but we got the Behr paint plus primer and one gallon and one coat took care of the whole room! That is a big deal cause it is a big room. 

Last week we painted my new craft room/guest room Driftwood Gray. It is a lighter gray and again we really love it.

There is still so much to do, but I can not even tell you how excited I am about this space.

I have to move everything out of the office into here. The office is currently "the room that must not be named". It has been so bad for so long. The problem being that there are far to many things without a place in this room (cause it was temporary). But now everything will have a place. EVERYTHING! Sorry I don't mean to shout, I am just really excited about this. I really love my house. Now pictures of the room that must not be named. I am only showing these because I hope to wow you all with some really amazing after pictures. 

And, Saturday (while they are still moving) I will be throwing Gracie's birthday party that I don't really feel ready for. I am sure this weekend is going to be nuts! But it is the good kind of nuts. Lots of happy things.
I love my house! Did I already say that?

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  1. "the room that must not be named" HA, HA, HA, HA! Love it! I think I will start calling James' "office" Voldemort because, yeah . . . it's bad.



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