Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I want

Yesterday I was sewing baby bedding for a friend (I think it is sooo cute) and listened to this while I did it. A talk on desire. It was so good for me to listen to. I really needed to hear it. He talked about really thinking about what it is we desire most. I set my sewing aside, lay down and close my eyes, relax and think about the things I desire most. Of course there are no new desires, but it is good to be reminded cause sometimes the ways we go about attaining our desires can get us off track. For example, I desire a happy home and spend a lot of time trying to make sure it is clean, organized, and decorated. Actually that is not true, I would have to spend a lot of time in order to achieve it, but instead I just stress and worry about it. Because I am sure having a clean, organized, and decorated home would make it a happy place ( but I don't really know, cause I have never actually achieved it), but sometimes many times what would work better would be for me to put down the broom and read a book, play a game, tickle, teach, and even put in time out. I somehow get sidetracked with the cleaning. That is just one example, it is just easy to let the view of the destination become blurry when we are focusing too much on the steps we are taking and consequently start veering of the path we were on.
So now I have some planning and changing to do. Some of my favorite quotes from the talk are, "when we have a vision of what we can become, our desire and our power to act increase enormously." This is one reason I love to surround myself with awesome people. They show me a vision of what I can become if I use the tools Elder Oaks talked about: desire, labor, and faith. With those three things I believe I can achieve anything.
Another favorite quote is, "righteous desires can not be superficial, impulsive, or temporary. The must be heartfelt, unwavering, permanent." This helps give me direction and get my act together. 
Now lets all watch Joseph as he puts these principles into action.
Desire. Labor. Faith.

And this picture is just too sweet. I am grateful I got a chance to see this.


  1. I can't imagine your home being anything but happy and beautiful and a joy to be in. Judging by your happy children and creativity and happy countenance I think you are doing just fine. :)

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, this talk is really meaningful I loved it too.
    Your little Joseph is just so handsome and the last picture is so sweet.



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