Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Oak Creek Camping

We had such a good time camping with some of my family in Oak Creek Canyon.

Some mornings and nights got really cold, so we really loved the fire.

Joseph loved being out in the open air and trees. He was so happy there.

Here is Gracie heading down the to the creek in her swim suit and boots. I guess they work better than crocks?

We brought a little play pin for the babies and most the time Joseph was happy in there or eating.

Sam on the other hand would not stay in there very long and spent all him time wandering around, putting things in his mouth, and trying to throw things in the fire. He kept him mom and dad on their toes.

I spent a lot of time reading.

He kept sticking his little finger in the whole and it is no secret that I love his little pointer finger.

Nothing better than a clean baby.

 Cousins chillin' in the chili morning.

 William loved fishing.
So did Russ.

Gracie loved getting dirty. She get dirty at home so camping was that times a thousand.
Here she was making us dinner.

The rest of camping will be posted tomorrow.


  1. oh that does look fun. we may need to try it! Jared and I used to have a year permit to oak creek the first year we were married. it's soooo pretty.

  2. Hey it's duck duck!! Collin has that same exact duck. How funny because he's had it since he was about 8 months old. Joseph is such a good baby! Collin and Sam are exactly alike. He wouldn't have sat in the pack n play either.

    Glad you guys had fun!



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