Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Amazing Jakes

The day after the 50th celebrations the whole family went to Amazing Jake's (Russ didn't 'cause he had to work).

William with his best buddy Mac.

All the Thomas' having a blast.

Gracie with Aunt Kirsten

Gracie even got to ride with Mac

William and Elleigh having a good time together.

When Joseph got tired I went home to put him down for a nap and William and Gracie got to stay and play. I also went home to clean up 'cause my house was filled with party decorations and everyone was coming over to swim that evening.

Gracie fell asleep while they were eating. Then everyone headed over to our house for some swimming and to celebrate Papa C's birthday.

I love this picture. 3 generations love the iphone.

Our pool is pretty big. We think it might be fun sometime to see how many people we could really fit in it.

Night swims are the best.

Happy birthday Grandpa

My lovely husband.

My sweet Gracie is always willing to give hugs.

William showing Benny videos.

Don is Williams Harry glasses and Kirsten in his Dumbledor glasses.
It was a very fun day.

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  1. Love the picture of Gracie in those glasses and that one of the three generations enjoying the iPhone. :)



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