Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The past few days

I have had ear phones in listening to Harry Potter a lot. I usually only have one in so I can hear/listen to my kids. I have gotten a lot of cleaning done, but somehow my house is still a mess. One thing I got done was a crib bumper for Joseph's new crib (he is sleeping through the night!!!). Now I just need to make the crib skirt.

I have been getting some projects done and not cleaning them up. This basket of fabric scraps has been sitting in the laundry room for about a week.

And sometimes I even crack open a book. I can get through it so much faster when I read, but I can't get anything else done while I do that, so I have not been able to spend that much time actually reading.

And today I have to clean up my house, do laundry, get a young women's activity planned and ready, and then pack for a camping trip. We are leaving tomorrow and we are so excited to go to our favorite campsite that we have been to the last three years. It is always a good time. We will be close to Flagstaff so we can drop in there and see the new Harry Potter movie. 
You will hear from me again when we are back. Happy weekend.


  1. LOVE the color scheme on the bumper! Cute.

  2. 1. The bumper turned out great!
    2. Im so jealous that you get to see Harry Potter. Thats the only reason I want to STILL be pregnant by I can see the movie. Otherwise, Im so ready to be done!

    Have fun camping!



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