Thursday, July 21, 2011

That girl

She takes pictures of herself on my phone

I have this little girl. She is too cute.
I just adore her. Lately she had been so obedient and it is awesome. Whenever I ask her to do something she replies, "yes mama" and  runs and does it. You better believe I am positively reinforcing that behavior. 
But before this behavior we had an incident that broke my heart. She was having a particularly whiny day and was cry and whining about everything and no matter how calmly I tried to talk to her and get her what she wanted. Finally I yelled "GRACIE! You. have. got. to stop. crying. and. whining. at. me." She did calm down and listen to me and sat down and ate her lunch. After a minute or so I could see tears welling up in her eyes again and she said, "my feelings hurt". That broke my heart and I realized that sometimes I forget to show an increase in love after I have corrected or disciplined my children. This is so important! I need to not forget it.

Mark and Ashley moved out a few weeks back and we set up the kids new toy room. The first night I went in to make sure it was cleaned up and I saw this little set up Gracie had created on the stove. She loves little figurines. 

Another day I sat down to sew and found my machine looking like this.

I find little traces of her play everywhere and I love it. She is just too fun. She likes to wrestle and rough house. She likes to be funny and make people laugh. She loves to get dirty and is not scared of much, but has just enough girly in her to dance and sing her way down the diving board, dress up is awesome outfits, and wear nail polish and makeup whenever she can.

 She will come up and give me hugs many times through out the day and I love it.
Awhile back I over heard Gracie and William talking
G: I wish I had a pet
W: we do have a pet a, our fish
G: No, I want two pets. A fish and a lion
She is always making me laugh.
I want so badly for her to have a good self esteem and know of her great worth. I want to have a good relationship so that I can always bestow my pearls of wisdom to her. But I know good relationships don't just appear. I can't mess up now and expect things to be wonderful later. I have teach her to trust me now. 
No more hurt feelings.

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  1. Oh, my gosh! A fish AND a lion! DUH?! I love it! Ha, ha, ha, ha!



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