Friday, July 1, 2011

Celebrating more than just time passing

It is no secret that I love my little family. I love it a lot. I count myself so lucky that I found Russ and that by some miracle, he loves me. Without him our family (obviously) would not be possible. He is such a great man. There are so many things that I admire about him. And I have always felt like I owe a lot of his great character   to his great upbringing. Last week we celebrated that with the rest of his family.
50 years ago his parents were married and sealed in the Temple for eternity. They have lived honorable lives and raised their children so well. And I mean that. His siblings...well, lets just say that I have never seen a group of such kind, supportive, driven, smart, loving and kind (did I already say that?) people. They are also very funny. We have a good time when we get together.
Just look at how two peoples love has grown? 
It made me stop and think (for the first time) of Russ and I celebrating our 50 years surrounded by the people we love most. I am excited. I have gotten choked up quite a few times when I think of how grateful I am for their love and dedication they have for each other and their family. It has blessed me so much. So I was more than happy to help throw a big bash for the happy couple. 

We spent all day Thursday at the church setting up.
The pom pom pro's

Replicating the cake topper

Sign with a quote from their song, "when I fall in love it will be forever."

Getting the guest book ready.

Getting the picture wall ready

Ted (the photographer) testing it out.

Hanging lights (these two boys Kent and Mac are some of Williams favorite people).

Mom and Dad came bringing her wedding dress to display and check out the place. I think/hope they liked it.

The whole family met to eat and take family pictures.

And present special gifts, like the cat cake (Don is pretty amazing when it comes to cakes)

A photo album and a "He said, She said" book about their courtship and marriage.

The replica of their wedding cake made possible by Kirsten.

And also a replica of her wedding bouquet. 

Jessie drew a picture of their wedding portrait.

Then it was time to get the party started.

We tried to get pictures of all the guests.

Ted had a awesome  slide show going.

We had soft served ice cream.
The grand kids decorated their car. It was so cute.

Russ and I got a dance in before the night was over.

Kirsten and Ted came from Tacoma and helped so much with this whole thing. Kirsten helped so much with my kids and at the same time pulled together so many special things. She is an amazing lady.

But we owe everything to them. I never really could express my gratitude during or around the event. My emotions would not allow me. But I feel it so strongly. I will have to write them in the next family letter.

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