Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The fun begins

Tuesday I worked on making stuff for the reunion and when Russ came home some cousins came to swim and more came to swim and more came to help. Many thanks to my brother in law Ted for taking pictures of everything!
Yay for Tuesdays, cause Daddy is home early!

William loves his new wand I picked up at my girls night out.

Gracie swam, crashed, and then swam again.

Kirsten and Ashley helping to get stuff ready.

Hal and Will having fun on the phone.

Gracie loves it too, a little too much. Getting some play time in before bed.

Then Wednesday night we had an adult dinner at Pita Jungle. First of all I love Pita Jungle and secondly, I love Russ family. This is such a good time and I am so glad they started the tradition of an adult dinner. One just doesn't seem like enough.

A humongous thanks to Russ for making me a Christensen.

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