Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Our vacation was so nice. It really does feel good to be away from daily grind. It seems that it is the only place I can actually relax and stop thinking about my never ending to-do list, projects, and responsibilities.  June should by far be the busiest month of this year for me. When we landed (figuratively speaking) home we hit the ground running. So much to do but in preparation for great things, so it is okay. There is girls camp and my in-laws 50th wedding anniversary (that is very much like throwing a wedding reception) and various summertime activities sprinkled in. I will be busy, but I am happy.

Here are some pictures that I found on my camera and my thoughts now that I am home.
*4-5 days is a good length for a vacation. Any longer would probably be too much. At least it would feel like too much time away from my kids.
*I like soft beds, not hard ones like the one in our hotel.
*I love the ocean, just  not going in it. The water is too cold and salt water burns my eyes in a bad way.
*I need to exercise more, I am out of shape.

*I want to be quicker at the boring things (like cleaning my house) and take longer doing the fun things (like reading to my kids).
*I want my kids to learn to work.

*I want to teach my kids to stop whining
*I want to teach my kids to speak more kindly to each other

* I need to listen to music more often in my home, it is just hard when the kids are being loud or I need to be listening for kids.
*I have a magic phone. Seriously, technology has blown me away. I can't wait to see that happens in 10 years.

*No one can drive me crazy the way my kids can, and no one (or thing) can make me happy the way they can.
*It's all about priorities and desires. I need to sit down and take some time to write mine down.

*Connie, Russ, and I say a lot of funny things when we are on vacation.
*My kids had the best time at Grandmas house while I was gone. They got to eat cereal, watch Nickjr., swim, and go to the park. I don't think Disneyland could have been better.


  1. Love your thoughts. So true for many people. Also, I love how your red hair totally pops in that last picture. It's all I could see. :)



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