Friday, June 3, 2011

Change of plans

Wednesday night I was packing and getting ready to fly to New York with Russ and Connie to see our friend Lauren and our friend Lindseywould come up from DC to hang out too. I was beyond excited.

Well we would be flying standby and new there was a chance we would not get a flight, but I was hopeful. After getting to the airport really early and watching flight after flight fill up we gave up and decided to drive to Cali instead. ( I have NOT given up on the NYC trip. It WILL happen )

Road trip!
We stopped for lunch before we got out of town. Lo Lo's
hit the spot.

Then we headed out if town.

I slept, listened to Harry Potter, updated my Pinterest,and laughed a lot.

Scenes from the drive.

We got our hotel on Priceline and knew nothing about it so it was fun coming to nice area and finding out it is nice.

Before we got there I was going to take a picture of Russ and I and every time I went to snap a picture he would pull a kind of faces girls would make. Then I would laugh really hard and take a shaky picture.

I decided to do it with him when he made the kissey face and then he pulled this face at the last second.

I can't look at these without laughing.
After we got to the hotel we set up shop and came back to sleep!
There is something so nice about going to sleep and knowing there are no kids there to wake you up. Sorry Mom, you will get your sleep back in a couple of days.

-Posted by deb on the go.

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