Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I'm back. whew.

What a whirlwind of a week. And four days.
It started with girls camp, which was fun. I only stayed a couple of days because I had my in laws 50th wedding anniversary to get ready for. 
 I ended up going home even earlier because Joseph was sick and wheezing. I drove home in the middle of the night. Picked up Joseph from my in laws and took him home to try and get some sleep. 
I was able to sneak in a GNO.
We had an adult dinner with Russ' parents and siblings at Pita Jungle. I love the adult dinner, look forward to it every year.

It is obviously a good time. 

The next morning I got sick with a head cold and spent the whole day at a church setting up for the big party (I will put pictures of  it up later)
The grand kids decorated the car and it was so cute. I will be surprised if they ever wash it off.
This is Russ' dad after the whole thing was over.
It was exactly how I felt. But the whole thing turned out so lovely.
We had LOTS of left over cupcakes and I ate 2 of them for breakfast (what?) And then we swam with some cousins and  then headed to Amazing Jake's and it was amazing.

The kind of place that brings about spontaneous cousin hugs 

And crashing at the dinner table.
(I couldn't get a decent picture of it, but the highlight for William was definitely riding in the go-cart with his favorite cousin Mac)
Talents were shared

Birthdays were celebrated

And quality time was spent. 
This last picture was taken as we watched reunion videos from years past and this years. I always get emotional. I feel so lucky to be a Christensen.
But things did not end there. I have more pictures to collect/go through and more visiting to do. Tonight we go to the temple. I can't wait. It seems like the perfect, calming end to a crazy, busy week.

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  1. Aha! That's where you've been. I've missed your blog posts. Looks like you had a busy and awesome week. Love the message on the car. Too cute. Oh, and there's absolutely NOTHING wrong with cupcakes for breakfast. Hold your head up high, Debbie!



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