Saturday, June 4, 2011

Coronado Island

On Friday (day 2 of the trip) we met up with the Corriveau's (some of our AZ friends that happened to be in California at the same time. It was fitting since Russ spent many a childhood vacation in San Diego with them. We first met a Filippis in down town San Diego (so, so good. I  love me some italian food), then we headed to Coronado Island.
 The water was cold. Russ got in and Connie searched for shells.

When I watched her sorting through her shells I couldn't help but sing, "wouldn't you think my collections complete?"

Not all the Corriveau's were there. Just Holly and Dwight (the parents) and Elyse with her two cute kids, Emmie and Prime. Elyse is a fellow curly girl and fellow crafter that sold at one of my basement sales.

It was a lovely day.

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  1. Aw so lucky! I want to go to San Diego SO BAD. Coronado Island is where Brenden proposed. I have fond memories of that place.



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