Tuesday, June 14, 2011

She is such a girl

Gracie loves putting scarves on our heads so we can have long hair. Joseph think this is pretty funny.

She also woke up the other morning with a very pink mouth. It turns out that while she was supposed to be in bed, she went into the bathroom and put on some lipstick. She did it again the next morning.

It was really awesome once it got on her teeth.

Then she lovingly kissed her brothers arm. I also caught her trying to put some on Joseph.

When we came back from California we brought with us a fresh batch of hand-me-down cloths for Gracie from her cousin Harper (at least 90% of everything Gracie wears was once Harpers and I feel extremely blessed because of that). When she woke up the next morning she came out in one of her new outfits and asked if it was from Harper. Then later that day I told her that her cousin was coming was coming over she jumped up and ran to go change. I told her she didn't need to change her cloths, but she informed me that she wanted to wear more new cloths that Harper gave her. Then later after we swam she put on another outfit. This is a new phase of being interested in cloths. I was the same way. I grew up with hand-me-downs and let me tell you it was awesome to get a whole new wardrobe one day out of the blue. I never minded that they belonged to someone else first and lets face it, if I had to buy Gracie's cloths they would be previously worn anyway:)

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