Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Prayer Beads

My friends Lindsey and Brett came back to the states after living in Jordan for a few months. We had a BBQ to celebrate their return and had a very fun time. There were so many people to talk to that I took no pictures. At least not until the end when it was just the girls left. Lindsey bought prayer beads for all of us. I took pictures of her handing them out. She told us we could just choose which ever one we wanted, but that she bought each one with one of us in mind. Of coarse we all wanted the ones she picked for us.
She gave me mine first. She picked the red/orange one for me because the coloring reminded her of me (imagine that) and I was excited. Since William loves and notices EVERYTHING orange I can't help but notice and love it too.She gave these lovely light greenish blue ones to Lauren because the were calm. And there us Lauren sporting her new overalls (well, new to her:)And Mimi got the dark Greenish Blue one because she REALLY likes guys with those colored eyes.And she gave Connie these deep purple ones because, "I liked them, and I like Connie."And last but not least, Alexis. She was not there because she always goes home early. Lindsey pulled out some beads that were smaller and on a shorter string and said, "these ones are for Alexis because she is short." I laughed, that is funny. Then Lindsey showed us the ones she got for herself. They were shiny. If you know Lindsey that will make you smile.
I love my girls.

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  1. In my defense I compromised with Riley. He had some old friends in town from Utah and was going to ditch me completely which would have made me sad and so instead he came with me for a few hours and I went with him for a few. I hated to leave but it was only fair and plus Riley was my ride home. I wish I could have stayed though. One question where was Russ, Brett and Tagg during all of this?



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