Thursday, September 4, 2008

Pool Time

This is the other evening at the pool. Gracie started a new thing where she would just walk right into the pool. This how it is in stopped motion, 1. The step 2. the catch
3. The smile, she loved it
Here is what it looks like in real motion. I love her walk, I can't get enough of it.

William also had a fun time too.
He can't quite swim on his own yet. He could if he believed he could, but he gets too scared and hangs out on the step.
Or he just hangs on usGracie was pretty happy the whole time
Until she hit her bum on the edge of the pool while stepping in. She just walked around crying for a few minutes and then came over so I could give her a half hug, then she walked away. She does not get much comfort from hugs.After that she was more cautious about going in......and wouldn't unless Russ was holding her hands.Here is where she would splash with her feet and then shimmy (this is how she dances and I LOVE it!) This is how it looks in stopped motion
1. Splash
2. DanceThis is how it looks in real motion...really cute!


  1. awe, I didn't know she was walking!! That is the cutest walk I have ever seen! Your kids are cute, I wish we lived closer :(

  2. Oh my word you kids are just so cute! Now that you're in the Valley we'll have to get together for some play dates!

  3. Now that is cute. I love Gracie's walk and especially her shimmee! I can't believe she'll just walk into the pool?!?!

  4. Too cute!!! I also just realized that I haven't read your blog in a long time. I have a lot of catching up to do.

  5. Hey you guys!
    I was so happy to come across you your blog :D Randomly over the years I have thought about you guys and wondered how you were doing. Now I know :)
    Your children are adorable! I want a little girl... I love my boys, but a girl seems like so much fun.
    I am glad to see that you guys are as happy and laughy as always.
    Where did you guys move to?
    We should get together sometime...
    Did Russ finish PT School?



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