Friday, September 5, 2008

Sell crazy somewhere else...

...we're all stocked up here.

Exhibit one - The Mother
seen here cooking onions wearing swimmers goggles.

Reason: at least 75% of the dinners she cooks has the foundations of olive oil, garlic, and ONIONS. Onions make her cry...bad. Like she can't keep her eyes open, but continues to chop and is afraid of loosing a finger. Other methods she has tried: chopping the onion that is submerged in a sink full of water (too time consuming), chewing mint gum (works sometimes, but not that well and maybe she doesn't want to chew mint gum every night right before dinner), and freezing the onion (this still makes her cry). The winner: Goggles!
Oh, and she had decided to wear skirts more often. A lot more often. Like everyday.

Exhibit two - The Son

Seen here rolling into the kitchen to get his lunch, he rolled a good five yards to get his honey sandwich (that's right, just honey and whole wheat - cut up into triangles.)

Also seen falling asleep like this:or like this. You can take your pick of the craziest.

Yes, he is laying on the floor right next to his bed.Exhibit three - The Daughter

seen putting a wal-mart sticker on her head, sticky side up,Then putting it on her cup,Then laughing at herself and how funny she is, The throwing her head into her mothers leg and pillows.
Exhibit four - The Father
seen loving these other crazies and taking care of them, thank goodness for him


  1. I've found that breathing from my nose the entire time while cutting the onion works...most of the time. The main drawback is you can't talk while cutting, so it seems like you are ignoring those around you.

  2. Someone told me that if you stick your tongue out while you are cutting that is supposed to help. I found it doesn't. But someone else said that if you burn a candle nearby that should worked better :) But I must say, I love the goggles BEST!!

  3. Such a cute post! I love that you frequently cook with swimmers goggles and skirts. You look adorable. I'm glad you are living in town. It was so much fun seeing you and visiting with you at Lauren's. We need to get together!

  4. The freezing didn't work...that's too bad. I would say just stick with dehydrated onion, but you look way to sexy in those goggles. I especially like that you kept the whole blue theme wouldn't want to clash and all :)



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