Thursday, September 4, 2008

Yogi Pair

Awhile back someone tagged me to fill out different lists of eight, that told things about me. One of the lists was -
Things I want to DO before I diE...and this is what I came up with
1. Have a beautiful garden
2. Become more Christlike
3. Go to Ireland
4. Get in shape - stay in shape
Other than these things on the list I am living the life that I want, I am doing the things I want to do before I die. So since we just moved, what better time that to start doing all the things I want to do. To have a garden I need a yard, so that will have to wait. And to go to Ireland I need money, so that will have to wait too. But I can become more Christlike and I can get in shape.
Here is how I have been doing that. First, since we moved in I have been reading my scriptures every morning for 15 min. and saying my prayers for 15 min. I got this suggestion from my friend Caraline's blog (thanks for posting that). This, I feel, is really going to help me become more Christ like. At first I thought 15 min. would be a long time to pray, but it's not. I have a lot to pray about. Second I have been doing a yoga/Pilate's video and I LOVE it so much better than other forms of working out. It is relaxing and I don't work up a sweat. I have also decided that my other form of work out will be swimming (so I also don't work up a sweat). I have only had the chance to do this once when my parents were over watching the kids, but I hope to get it done three times a week and then when the weather cools off maybe I can bike ride with the kids. That would be fun. I am also trying very hard to eat better. Less meat, more grains and veggies and guess what, I love it. Russ thinks he might die, but he won't. Things are looking good around here.

So here we are a pair for Yogi's. I love that he just plopped down next to me and started doing it (these are just the stretching, it does get a little more complicated than this:)

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