Monday, September 29, 2008

So yummy

A few days back I was not sure what to make for lunch and so I started pulling things out of the fridge and using what I had to make a yummy grilled cheese sandwich. Now I am going to make sure I always have this stuff to make it. The camera happened to be sitting next to me on the table so I picked it up to take a picture of this new found creation.
Here is how I remember making it:
chopped up about half a bunch of green onions
sliced 3 or 4 baby Bella mushrooms
and then I sauteed that in olive oil (I may haved minced garlic into the mixture)
then I diced two thick slices of a tomato and threw it in when I turned the heat off.
I stirred it around and then put some cheese on some bread and then added the vegetable mixture and then a little more cheese on top and then grilled it like I always do. Turned out very good and I can't wait to make it with some awesome soup.

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