Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Graveside conversations

Labor Day weekend I spent in the car and attending the funeral for my uncle Bill in Utah. I grew up with him as my next door neighbor and Mayor of my town and Grandpa of my friend/cousin. I wanted to go bad enough that I went leaving Russ home with the kids. The services were wonderful and it was so good to see family. I would like to explain how privileged I feel to be this mans niece and to have been close enough to watch his life, but I can't. I have not been blessed with the gift of expressing myself nicely with words so I will just say I don't think there are many men on earth as good as him. These are the pictures I took at the services. I wanted to put them all on here in case anyone in the family would want them.Look at the grandmother and granddaughter - so alike I couldn't resist taking this picture (even though she didn' t want me to) Just look at the pearls and the rose, how could I not take a picture.

Putting their flowers on the casket
I love the profile of Cara's prego belly in this picture, it was not on purpose, but great just the same.
And here she is not looking pregnant at all.

I took these picture at the luncheon admiring my cousin Sara's handy work. Look at these adorable dresses she made her girls!
The I noticed baby Simon admiring my camera...Man, what a cutie. And it was fun to spend the day with little Penelope she is such a fun little girl, but she made me wish that Gracie was more of a cuddle bug.I was so glad I went. I really love my uncle Bill and can't wait to see him on the other side.

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