Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dear William

I thought it was about time to write you a letter. Last night you and Daddy were being really silly (imagine that) and you were laughing a lot. When it was time for bed Daddy laid down with you and sang you songs. This is what you say every time you go to bed, "I want you to sing two songs, I am a Child of God and A Whole New World - A Whole New World first, then rub my back" and you say it almost in one breath.

Well, last night while Daddy was singing you started laughing and for a minute he thought you were laughing at his singing, so he asked what you were laughing at. You said, "remember when you were tickling me and I laughed." Now you saying this may seem insignificant to you but this is the first time your father or I have ever heard you laugh at a memory. You have never just thought of something that already happened and started laughing. I get the feeling this is the beginning of funny times to be had with you.

I also wanted to let you know that for the past few weeks you have requested a "peanut-butter-honey-samich-cut-up-in-triangles" everyday for lunch (and I usually give it to you). Sometimes you even request it for breakfast or dinner (which I don't give you) and you eat it without drinking milk which your father thinks is CRAZY. I don't even eat that without a glass of milk, but a few months back you started telling me that the milk I gave you was yucky and you have not drunk it since except on cereal and as ovaltine.

You want to play Candyland all day but we usually only play four to five times. You always tell me you want to get Queen Frostine (you really like pretty ladies) and you even requested to be her for Halloween. But we are constantly changing our minds about Halloween costumes this year. You are having a Candyland birthday party this year and I know you are going to LOVE it.Randomly through out the day you will tell your Dad or I that you, "love [us] so much". Sometimes you tell me that I am beautiful. You introduce yourself to everyone you see and say, "Hi, it's me William." You ask a gazillion questions a day. You are a great little boy and I love you so much.


  1. Awww, that was a sweet letter. William is so special and everything that comes out of his mouth is sweet. Your very blessed to be his mom and were blessed to have him in our family as well. Bryant would be so lost with out his "Willweeum"

  2. That is an awesome family picture up there on your header, I love it! Did you guys get pictures done?

    Reven and "Little Willy" as Rob calls him, would be great friends, everyday Reven asks for a "Peanut butter honey Samich" too!

  3. What a cute letter, he's a lucky boy to have such a wonderful mother! The night time routine is so cute, it sounds just like my Andrew!



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