Monday, September 8, 2008

Getting Old

This past weekend Russ and I went to the lake with Jacie and Nick. Russ was so excited he had not been wake boarding in over two years I think and was ready to get the dust off his board. It was very fun for me to go and remember the first time I laid eyes on this hunk at the very same lake. Jacie had not heard the story of how we met so I got to tell her all about it and that combined with watching him on the lake again gave me some really good feelings.

He is making a really great face in the picture above

He kept trying all his trick, but could not get enough air to land them. When we left he told me that that was the last time he will ever wake board. It was kinda sad, he said that he will sell his board and buy a wake surf board (is that what it is called?) He said it just isn't fun when you can't do anything and at first I was sad that he was giving up but after seeing him that night and next day there is no way in h--- I would let him do it again. He was so soar and stiff and bruised. He is doing much better today, but man it is crazy to be getting old (when really we are still young).I think this is when he bruised his upper butt/lower back, don't you? Yikes!And here is Jacie showing some fine wake boarding skills, and NO flapping (inside joke) And here is Nick catching some serious air. It was a very fun trip and I am glad they invited us. From now on its tubes and wake surfing for us.

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