Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Birthday Girls

Soon after we moved in, Connie had her birthday. She was sharing a room with William and sleeping on an air mattress and decided she would like a real bed so my parents brought one from their house and I set it up for her. My mom also brought a quilt that was pieced by my great grandma and quilted by my grandma. Connie has always had her eye on it. So I made her bed up and got her some flowers. Isn't her nightstand adorable. I love it. Later that night we went to Anthropologie so I could get her a gift (I can't tell you how excited I am to have one a few miles from my home - now I won't feel guilty to just go a look at the displays) and then came home and had an apricot tart from Trader Joe's (mine and Williams new favorite food store).The day before we had a Sunday dinner at my moms house. We had a yummy peach pie and since William loves birthdays he was front and center.Here is Bryant and William wondering if she is going to be able to handle all those candles herself.
And she did! I love the happy look on his face. His birthday is going to be awesome this year - He loves birthdays so much.The there was the other birthday girl, my niece Bianca.She wasn't so sure about blowing our the candles...But, like always, William was there to help.

Here is my dad with Bianca's little brother Louis, isn't he so cute and pudgy.

And here is my brother Kent trying to determine if Gracie and Louis weigh the same (there is a nine month difference). It is close.
Gracie was not so sure about being held right them and I love the face I caught her making.

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  1. I love the patchwork quilt! How great of Connie to give up her bed...love her too. Well it's time to get together...let me know when you two are up for some girl time.

    p.s. I was asked to write a song and play it or enrichment next week and I got nothin'. Say a prayer for me, please.



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