Thursday, September 29, 2011

Weekend at a glance

It is almost the weekend and here I am just now posting about last weekend. Oh well.
It started out with a picnic and Ballet Under the Stars. Thanks to Connie and Melissa we had awesome seats and it was so fun watching the very talented dancers. Is it too late for me to become a ballerina? Gracie loved it she spent the whole time dance herself.

The is also where Connie gave me her copy of Daughter of Smoke and Bone. I am not done with it yet, but I can't stop reading it. In fact I am trying to type this really fast so I can go and read.

Saturday started with me going to Goodwill Saturday and finding a dresser to put our tv on. I have been looking out for one for weeks so this was really exciting. Also exciting that it was only 10 bucks, but I have to paint it. Then my mom came over to watch Joseph and do some sewing for me (cause she is awesome like that) so we could take the big kids to a water park that someone gave us tickets to.

It was a lot of fun to just play and play with them. They loved playing in the wave pool and Russ said, "this is a joke we need to take them to the beach". True.
Then we hurried home so I could go to the General Relief Society meeting with my mom and Connie.
I love love loved it! Then we went to eat at Rosa's and my fajitas were still sizzling when they brought them to me. I also really like their salsa. A lot.

On Sunday Gracie has the cutest buns in her hair and these little ringlets that formed all by themselves. Then I was ashamed of myself for being envious of my little girl. Russ wasn't feeling well so he stayed home with Joseph and William and Gracie just snuggled with me all through sacrament meeting. It was so nice.

After church we went to my moms to visit with family and have a little (late) birthday celebration for my mom. She was in Idaho with her sister on her birthday and that is exactly what I would want for her to have for her birthday. I am so glad she got to go, but want to make sure that next time I go too!

I love weekends like this one. 


  1. busy busy but sounds fun. love those buns! hair buns of course- ha ha.

  2. You guys can always come visit us in Cali and see some real waves! :) We are only an hour or so from the beach... seriously! It would be kinda' awesome, you know it! ;)



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