Monday, September 12, 2011

More about the corn

 Wednesday night there was a knock on the door and I was delivered a bag of sweet corn from Brendan and Nikki (she is the one who got the surprise shower here and can I say that the little baby-kins that popped out of her belly is such a doll. She is so tiny and petite yet so strong, it is unbelievable. I just love holding her, it is the exact opposite of holding Joseph and don't get me wrong I love holding him too, but sometimes my little arms need a rest. Also, what is the rule for how long you can write within parentheses??)
Anyway, like I was saying, they gave us some corn (actually Brendan and their cute boy Collin delivered it, but it was from all of them) So Thursday morning I started shucking.

Brendan's family grows sweet corn on a farm in Taylor and let me just say it is good. Shucking it reminded me of when I was younger my dad would wake us up way early in the morning (when it was still dark) and take us to the churches corn fields in queen creek and we would pick corn and then come home and shuck it and wash it and then my mom would take care of the rest in the kitchen (canning, but I think mostly freezing it). We had sweet corn all year long because of this. 

I cooked some up for lunch and dinner that day (hence the post with Joseph and his corn on the cob) and then on Friday I headed over to the farmers market to pick up some stuff so I could make my lunch around this corn. It was nice outside and so we walked around the farmers market with Beth and her little Hudson. when we got home it was too nice outside to go inside. So we sat in the front yard for a bit.

(oh my goodness that bottom lip! like his daddies.) 
After awhile I went walking around the yard close to the neighbors and a bee started flying around my head. I just ignored it expecting it to go away, but it didn't. It stung me right on the top of my forehead.

I was a little bit worried because the last few times I had been stung as a child I would swell in that area. For example I got stung on my hand and the swelling stopped at my elbow, or if I got stung on my foot the whole thing would swell up. So I didn't want my eyes to swell shut or anything. I called my mom who was staying with my bee keeper uncle in Idaho and they gave me some tips.
I just put my doterra lavender oil on it (a lot) and iced it as much as I could without giving myself too bad of a headache. And then I would take profile pictures of myself to see how bad I was swelling. This is as bad as it got (not bad at all). Hey my head matches my nose now:) After resting awhile I felt fine and got up to make my salad.
Corn, three different colors of heirloom tomatoes (all the juice), fresh basil, avocado oil (just a tad), and some seasonings. It would have been better if I had refrigerated it overnight. 

Then I added lettuce and fresh mozzarella and had me a yummy salad.

And Joseph had corn on the cob...again. smile.

(I can not believe I wrote so much on this post!)

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