Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Snap out of it.

I have kinda been in a weird funk lately. I have had a slight cold and the biggest effect it has had on me is making me really foggy headed. I have wanted to get in a good routine ever since school started, but it just has not happened. Well, I guess I shouldn't say that, I have figured out the whole taking and pick up William thing so that it works with Joseph's naps (at least sometimes). But I feel like most other things in my life are done pretty sporadically and there are probably a lot of things that should get done that I don't even think about (like my car, good heavens it is a mess). I have been doing 2 (count them 1. 2.) stretches in the morning and counting it as my exercise. Granted that alone has helped my lower back feel much better (perks of living with a PT, he knows what stretches I should do).
Anyway, what I am trying to say is, I am ready for a new system (or just starting up something I have done in the past.) But I am going to wait a few weeks more because of the changes that are coming. Remember when I was really discreet a few posts back about some changes and decisions? Well, Russ has excepted a new job and Banner Gateway hospital. Like most things there are pros and cons but the biggest reason for the desired change is, HE WILL ONLY WORK 40 HOURS A WEEK! And if he works more he will be paid overtime. I can not tell you how excited I am to have him home more. To have him home for dinner with us - to have Family Home Evening at a decent time (or just have it) - to put the kids to bed on time - for him to have more time for yard work (maybe we will even start a garden!?) - more time to play with the kids. Like Elder Uchdorf said in conference the way you spell love is T-I-M-E (or something like that).The point is I am happy. WE are happy. There was a lot of going back a forth with this decision. Russ and I love where he works now. And the people he works with, well they just don't come any better. But the hours were too much for us. We would rather have less money and possibly less fun/more stressful work environment and more time together. Cause for us, our family and the Gospel of Jesus Christ are what it is all about. He will start there in a little over 3 weeks.
 Today (per kids request) we had a picnic and Russ trimmed the branches of our lemon tree. And I was reminded again how much I love my family. 
I love how he bends over his bowl to look in it

perfect little profile

grilled tuna sandwiches (adding grated and sauteed carrots, celery, and onion makes these bomb)

Absolutely Gracie's favorite skirt made by my mom

Joseph was just crawling around with some bread stuck in his mouth. 


this boy is 6, what else can I say?

he helped himself to some ice in daddies cup and loved it

choppin down the heavy branches

it hurts my heart to see so many lemons go to waste

I love all the trees in/surrounding our yard

manly man with a chainsaw

Joe was concerned
It was a nice evening (even though I still did not clean out my car). 
Also when re-reading this post I realized that I may not sound very grateful but I thank God everyday that Russ has a job. And this job opportunity found him, and it works good for our family so we are happy about that.


  1. Congrats to Russ! That will be so worth it.

  2. That is great. And I am glad you all finally came to a decision. Being in limbo is the absolute worst. Now, a decision has been made and you can move on with life! I also love the way Joseph bends over to look in his bowl. Too cute. And Gracie's profile is beautiful.

  3. Yay! I know that has been a stress for you for a LONG time :) Congratulations!!



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