Monday, September 12, 2011


I have been thinking about seasons lately. Is it because I want the season to change so badly? Maybe. I can tell it is cooling off. But it's not just seasons in weather I am thinking of, seasons of life. 
William has homework this year. Gracie likes to do homework along with him. He and Gracie have been doing a lot of imaginary play lately. The kind I remember doing. I spent almost all my childhood pretending. I love watching them do it. The other day while we were swimming I decided to join in. William was Legolas and would row far away in his boat to catch some fish for Joseph, Gracie, and I to eat (cause we were starving). The kids thought it was hilarious that I was playing a long and I was taken back to being a kids again.

And, as I have recently posted, Joseph is getting bigger and reminding me so much of his brother and sister. As I watch him I remember things they did (so many of the same things) and it is like having them as babies all over again (only chubby this time).

As the school year started I had a huge urge to get a good schedule going for our family. This happens a lot as the seasons change. Sometimes we get more organized and sometimes we don't. I think the point is that I try cause who know where we would be if I didn't at least do that.

I am grateful for the experiences in my life that come back to me in different ways. Life just seems to cycle around for me. As I watch William go through school I am taken back to my school days. 

And you want to know something funny? I want it to cool off and be fall (like everyone else), I am sick of summer. But I remember sometime before this summer came on looking out to my back yard and imagining swimming suits and towels hanging on the pool fence and feeling excited for it. I got tired of the cold too. I am glad things change, but also glad that they come back. One way or another.

(I am not sure if I was able to express my thoughts accurately in the post. If it doesn't make sense I am sorry)


  1. Makes perfect sense! And I agree 100%. and I love those desks. What a cute idea!

  2. This post made me teary. And Gracie has some amazing A's going on there! I'm impressed!

  3. i love these photos and those desks... your kids are so darling.



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