Monday, September 26, 2011

one month shy of a year

That's right folks, 11 months old today. It makes me happy and sad all at the same time. 
In case I have not been clear on this point, I l LOVE THIS BOY! He melts my heart daily. I decided to take some pictures of him before he went to bed today so I could remember his 11 month old self forever, cause man I love his 11 month old self.
This boy loves baths, probably the most. 
He crawls all over the place and when he crawls he keeps his left leg bent and pushes with this right leg. When he tries to crawl fast it is pretty cute. 
He can pull up on furniture and cruise around. He has even let go and just stood there for a second.
He weighs about 23 pounds and it still just a big boy. We love his rolls and squishy thighs. His head is still very large, but he seems to be growing into it now.

He has these soft curls in the back that I love, but want to cut. Mostly because the wings behind his ears are the longest and a bit out of control.

He loves to drink out of a cup, but has still not mastered it. He loves to drink water. He eats all kinds of fruit, bread, and cheerio's. I used to make more baby food for him, but it seems like such a hassle and he is thriving  just fine on a diet of mostly goats milk. 
He also makes the saddest sad face. He doesn't do this a lot, but when I don't let him drink dirty bath water he gets pretty sad.

Until he notices another toy he can shove into his mouth.

He still likes to put things in his mouth and his favorite is crayons and colored pencils or sticks. I don't get why, but he loves it.
He LOVES putting things into other things (or in the pictures case out of things). Like shoving things under a bed, putting a fork in a cup, or anything in a basket. He has really great dexterity.

I think he said "Dada" (and knew what he was saying) for the first time today. I guess that would make it his first word.

He can sign "more" (the only sign I have ever showed him). And he can clap, and they look the same.

He only has his two bottom teeth and this is the best (only?) picture I have gotten of them.

My favorite thing about this kid is when he crawls to me and I sit on the ground and he climbs into my lap and then hugs (and hugs from this big baby are real hugs) kisses me over and over.

I also love rocking him to sleep. I love the way he curves around my stomach and has since he came out of it. I know he won't be able to do it forever, probably not even for another year so I am glad that I get to do it more than once every day. It is hard to imagine him being a 6 year old like William, or even a man. So I won't, I will deal with that when I get there.

p.s. thinking about his birthday in a month made me think about the birth...his home birth. And it made me realize that I don't think I ever wrote all my true feelings on having a home birth. I hope to do that sometime soon.

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  1. Oh, my goodness. He is so cute and hilarious. I love his little booty and his chunka thighs. I love the picture of him with his hair all wet and eyes and mouth wide open. I also love his sad face. I wonder sometimes if Gavin minds that we often laugh at him when he gets upset because it just funny. Does that make us bad parents?



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