Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day 18

Statement jewelry. I don't have a lot of jewelry so I wrapped a belt around my wrist.

I actually really liked this look, but then remembered some necklaces I got at an estate sale that I have been meaning to sell. I decided to wear 3 of them to make sure they made a statement.

I will have to save the belted wrist for another day. Thanks for the inspiration Elyse
- Posted by deb on the go.


  1. Cute look!

    P.S. I sent the toothbrushes off today, should get there next week sometime.

  2. That's pretty clever with the belt, actually. I think it works on you better than the necklaces did. That being said, however, I loooooove those necklaces! Probably just on their own though.:)

  3. Both looks are cute but the cutest accessory by far is Joseph. Look at him in that first picture! Gah. I want to serve him for dessert with a little scoop of ice-cream! What a cutie!!

  4. Ooh, i like those three necklace together like that! Looking good. :)

  5. totally cute! I love both looks!

  6. uhh...sorry, that last one was from Elyse...not Matt.



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