Thursday, September 22, 2011

My boys have...

Messy hands, 
Joseph got a hold of Gracie's churro.

He kept trying to wipe it off, but it was not happening.

So confused. 
 Tired eyes,
I came home late from young women's one night and found Russ like this.

Asleep, and long enough that the screen had shut down on its own. Anyone know how long that is?

He woke up when he heard me taking pictures and his eyes were bloodshot.

  • And probably burning.
 and Jack-o-lantern teeth.
Or will soon anyway.

Those tops ones are pretty loose.

1 comment:

  1. Poor Russ. He's VERY talented to be able to keep his phone up while asleep. Our men work hard. Clint has fallen asleep while doing notes on the computer at work sitting up. He said he'd wake up and see 20 lines of the letter S. So happy to hear about the new job. Banner is blessed to get Russ.



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