Friday, September 9, 2011

Celebrating...kind of

Yesterday Russ made a big decision (decisions are hard for him) so I told him we would celebrate by getting dinner at Liberty Market and letting the kids play in the fountains. I guess Gracie couldn't find her other croc so she threw on her cowgirl boots. And then posed "like a mermaid" for me (she must have learned that in dance).
When I told her I found her other shoe she went back to change.

My kids love these fountains. I hope to go a few more times before it is not hot anymore. The weather is okay enough now that I can sit out there and watch them without dying.

Joseph loves it. He just crawls right up to it and sticks his face in.

Looking at the very tall water tower.

The big kids were not still long enough for me to get a decent picture. They run around like crazy there.

We let them play for a long time while Russ and I talked about some changes that are coming for us. The decision that I thought was made became a question again when another option has become available. It is a choice between two good things so that makes it difficult knowing which one is right. We shall see. Either way  change is coming and it is welcome. And all three of these kids slept in this morning from playing so hard and long last night. That was also welcome.
Let me know if you want to go to the water fountains to play, it is fun with friends. We will make it a party:)


  1. I miss you guys!!! I wish it was still going to be warm enough to go play in the water when Sam and I come! Good luck on making your decision!!

  2. that does sound fun! I need to hear more about the big decision. We have had to make a few of those lately too. they are stressful!



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