Thursday, September 1, 2011

Connie's Perfect Party

It was not perfect because of the decorations (notice the missing "r" in birthday). Or the food (although both were nice) 

It was perfect because of the people that came. I am kicking myself for not taking more pictures of people. The only reason I did take pictures was because Jenny W made a 3D of a picture of Connie and Chelsea in Europe, but...
...she explained to us that she had to take Chelsea out of the picture because she looked like this...

(in the picture she was wearing a rain coat)
Jenny was apologizing to Chelsea and Chelsea told her not to worry because she looked like a Death Eater and you can't have a Death Eater in the picture.
That made everyone laugh, especailly Mimi, and I love it when Mimi laughs.

The we brought over THE cake of ALL CAKES!
Made by the lovely and wonderful Jenny Bradford (click her name to go read her blog, hers is one of my favorites). You can also see more pictures of the most perfect book cake ever here.

Those are all tiny versions of Connie's favorites.

Of course the kids came to help her blow out all 30 candles. They blew them out before my camera would focus.

We had some stuff there to make some book related crafts but no one stopped talking long enough to do any crafting (that is a good thing). We will have to do the crafts another time.

And Connie made some door hangers for all her friends.

Thanks everyone for coming and bringing Connie some books. Connie has the best friends.


  1. I love my friends & my book party, it was perfection!!! Thank you again!

  2. I agree, Connie's friends were really funny. Thanks again for the invite, Debs!



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