Friday, September 30, 2011

I want to remember...

William really likes this song and I think that is cool. He also doesn't really like me to take his picture anymore and I don't think that is cool.

This is Gracie's favorite skirt. She wants to wear it everyday. My mom made it for her and that makes it even more special.

And last night I noticed for the first time that Joseph folds his arms with us when we say prayer. Just when I thought he couldn't get any cuter! I mean look and those pudgy little arms trying to fold. It is too much!!

How lucky I am to witness these three little people growing up.


  1. We have the same skirt! And the funny thing is -- they've been wearing it since they were two and they still love it as much, and it still fits! I'm convinced it's magic.

  2. I love Josephe trying to fold his arms!



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