Thursday, July 30, 2009

The huge tree house

We went to a place called Makutus Island for my nieces birthday. It is an indoor play place with a huge tree house and slides and tunnels etc. William took off and ran and played and I hardly saw him. Gracie spent a lot of time looking at the fish.
There was an arcade room that the ac seemed to be broken in, but that did not slow William down.I wanted to get a picture of his red face, but he did not want to cooperate. This was the best I could get. And here he is showing me his prizes.
These are the gifts I made for my nieces. It was Roxey's birthday but I had not done anything for her sister Mia's birthday so I made one for both of them.
Bags are so rewarding to make because they are pretty simple. I was able to make these without a pattern the morning before the party. And the girls love them, so that feels good too.


  1. You're so talented to be able to whip out bags that cute so fast. I'm sure it comes with lots of practice though! ;) You're just awesome!

  2. Where did you ge the fabric for the bags? It is so cute!



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