Monday, July 20, 2009


I was just called as the Enrichment Leader in m ward and you know I don't really mind this calling because I really love to plan parties. This one was a little tough though because I wasn't called even a month before I had to throw this one. But it all came together nicely. Here is the room when we were almost done setting up. I cut out a lot of little tiny flags. Now everything a little bit closer. Sorry the pictures aren't that great, the lighting is not good in the big gym.

I got this idea from good ole' Martha Stewart website and made it for the poster to announce about this night, but now that it is over it will forever be a July 4th decoration for my house. Same with the pennant banner.

Isn't this tin the cutest. It is my neighbors and when I saw it I asked if we could use it, it was really cute.
These are the centerpieces.
The jars say, "Thank you to our sisters who serve". The night was about service and budgeting - and I learned a lot, just when I need it.
I spent about $4.00 tops on all the decorations because I used stuff I already had and things people were getting rid of. That price does not count the food. All in all it was fun. Stressful, but fun. And a lot of this stuff will make an appearence at Russ and Gracie's party that is coming up.


  1. Wow, you did all that and finished the book, insanity.

  2. Everything is adorable. I especially loved the map decoration thing and I can't believe you cut out all those little flags!

  3. very cute!!! i can't believe how talented you are. well yes i can. don't burn yourself out!

  4. You are amazing and always make everything look so cute!

  5. I will probably put a detailed birth story up on my other blog eventually, but I don't know how long it will take me so I will definitely call you soon:)

  6. Debbie your creativity and talent will never cease to amaze me. What a lucky ward to have you in enrichment1

  7. It all looked fabulous and was an enjoyable evening! Thanks for all you do!



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