Thursday, July 2, 2009

Camping - day 3

It all started with sweet morning snuggles
and then observations of the skunk that would roam our campsite while we were sleeping. He even tried to while we were awake and almost scared me half to death when I was walking to get something out of my car.Here we are observing the whole of a ground squirrel (or something like that). We watched him push dirt out of his whole for a few minutes and it was so cute.
Russ, Connie, Eric, and I headed to town for a few necessities, learned about Michael Jackson's death, and returned with a hammock. We tried to make my dad nice and comfy.It worked...kind of. But everyone else sure loved it. Today was exciting because more people came up, like Vaeh!

And her dad Ryan. Here he is planning his ambush on the way to the creek.

You won't be able to see him here because he is using his camouflage. Look at those studly guys - Mark and Russ. I don't know the kid in the blue.Such nice posers. Pop belly Russ.All the boys are up there and Mark and Russ are jumping.This is my brother Kent just after he jumped. Here is Mark pretending to push Eric in.
And here is Eric jumping on his own. My nephew Melvin wanted to jump in but was a little nervous...

So he slid in.
Here is his sister Bianca with Grandma. I finally made a connection with her and she seems to like me. (Making a connection was made difficult because she doesn't speak english).
Connie and Gracie observing all the jumping madness.
Stayed tuned for the rest of the day. Too much to post right now.

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  1. I miss Gracie...we got to spend some good times together.



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