Saturday, July 4, 2009

Camping - day 3 evening

After we got back from the creek, cousins Marie and Anna were there! And we made homemade root beer with dry ice.

Russ got some in a bottle and tried to make it come out his nose...But he just coughed a lot.Gracie and Anna spent a lot of quality time swinging in the hammock.
And my mom brought cup cakes for everyone to decorate for Ashley's birthday.The we roasted marshmallows and we had some huge marshmallows.
William only had the patients to hold it long enough for the picture, then he said he was done.Russ on the other hand will sit patiently for twenty minutes to roast it to perfection. Gracie wanted to help. Look at that beautifuly golden mallow he is roasting. I told Russ he should have a smore stand (like a hotdog stand) and sell his perfectly roasted mallow smores. He said, "the world isn't patient enough for my marshmallows." It's true.Maire enjoying the sweeties.

Looks like Anna had some.

I nearly got sick trying to eat my smore. Those marshmellows were really big.
Happy 4th of July everyone!

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  1. Russ to go live his dream:



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