Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Connie read this book while we were living with her and after her reaction to the ending (slamming it against her pillow over and over again) ,realizing it was just the first book in a series, I decided not to read it until the second book came out this September. Some call this cheating, I call it smart. One Saturday afternoon at a family gathering at my moms I went in to lay next to Connie and take a break and notice she is reading this -
I knew our friend had an arc and that she was going to do a group reading, but I couldn't go because I hadn't read the first one. I asked Connie how long she had it for and when it was determined I could have it for a couple days I quickly picked up Hunger Games and started reading.
Before too long Gracie came in to join us. She would lay down in between Connie and I on her tummy and then Russ would push her over and over into the mattress and when she lifted her head up she looked like this -
And this.
Oh my little ragamuffin. Anyway the books are good. But now I am wishing I waited to read all of them until the third and last book came out.

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  1. You are SO happy you read it...think of all the conversations you would have missed out on. It brings you closer together to suffer along with others waiting for the book. It is not like you aren't making Russ read Hunger Games.



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