Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It's been pretty busy around here

Of course at a time in our life when people really want to know what is going on, I am too busy to blog. Here is a brief recap of what has been going on and I *think* they are in order.
After we came home from camping the end of June:
  • I had to plan an Enrichment night in two weeks with no committee (for those of you who don't understand what I just typed it means - *stressed*)
  • I made a baby quilt (I posted about that on my other blog)
  • Russ was studying for the boards - *stress*
  • 4th of July
  • Russ starts interviewing - *stress* what to choose?!
  • Russ takes his boards - *stress*
  • Russ passes his boards - *relief*
  • Enrichment goes well - *relief* and time
  • Look and call about houses with for sale signs out front - *kinda fun*
  • start and almost finish another baby quilt
  • Russ gets a job (at Physician Physical Therapy Services) - *relief* and *exciting*
  • I make some purses for my nieces birthday (I think I will post about those soon)
  • Go to family dinners *nice*
  • Russ turns 28 and we actually go on a date! *wonderful*
  • Actually go house hunting *hot* and *fun*
  • make a new apron and apron pattern for next enrichment
  • make flyer's and poster and sign up sheets for next enrichment
  • work on Russ and Gracie's b-day party *fun*
  • make an offer on a house *exciting* *nervous making*

This week should end with a fun water circus for Russ and Gracie's birthday and finding out if they except our offer on this house. And we will move forward from there. I will give more details on the house once it is more real. For now you can know that it has everything on our list.

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  1. You are looking to leave me too!? I must scare everyone from our ward away... seriously! Ha ha! NO, seriously though, I'm excited to see how everything works out for you guys and wish you the best of luck! Yay! :)



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