Sunday, July 5, 2009

Camping - day 4

The last day. Here is Uncle Mark pushing my little ones in the hammock. They love this. A hammock is a must have camping!
Even baby Matthew took a nap in it.

Look at that little pudge!Russ and I were going to stop by his Great Uncle and Aunts 70th year Anniversary party in Flagstaff so I decided to rinse my hair in the creek. It was so cold, but felt really good. (We didn't take any pictures at the party, but it was great to see some family and the best friend I made in Flagstaff, I guess technically she is family too:)

These pictures are from the day before, somehow they got out of order, but I thought I should put them up because they are of Mark doing a back flip and I was glad I got the pictures.

Connie taught the kids an original game of What Time is it Mr. Fox. The kids ask what time if is and the one in the chair gives a number, like 3 o'clock. Then they take the appropriate number of step (sometimes) until they get to the chair

The first one who gets to the chair...
gets to be Mr. Fox next. None of the running and chasing business.

The kids loved it and did it for a long time. Even Gracie. Without adult help on intervention. Awesome! Thanks Connie.

A special thanks to my mom and dad for reserving the campsite and for preparing all the awesome food. My mom even got veggie burgers for Connie and I:) It was so much fun and very relaxing and I can't wait until next year.

Oh, and a lot of people have asked me where this spot is. It is at a campsite in Oak Creek Canyon, in between Sedona and Flagstaff.

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  1. Firstly, that's funny that Mr. Fox no longer chases :) And secondly, veggie burgers? Are you and Connie vegetarians these days or just anti-burgers? (And I'm not asking this in a sassy way, just curious.)



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