Friday, July 10, 2009

Hot Rain

Last week I sent the kids outside with a Popsicle and we discovered that it was raining. It was still hot outside but the rain helped cool us down. It was nice. The kids wanted a drink.Gracie was really excited.William kept trying to drink the rain that was falling off the house (gross)And I caught him licking the water off the sidewalk, good for the immune system, right?I really like the next two pictures of Gracie. William is playing in a stream of water that was running off the house and getting really wet. He didn't notice for while. When I said it was time to go inside he said, "hey, I'm all wet."
Here he is showing me the rainbow. I love the double fingered point.

Rain, rain come again. As often as you want!


  1. Your kids are so stinkin' cute and I love seeing their personalities grow and develop more all the time! You're such a fun family! :) Love you guys!

  2. I love those pictures of Gracie too!



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