Monday, August 3, 2009

Two years later

On the day of her birth
We did not know what we were in for. Now it is two years later and Thursday was her birthday. She started the day getting all prettied up by putting my lipstick on her hear... and hair. This picture is blurry but I love it because this is her showing me her "pretty ear".

Our neighbor and my visiting teacher, Martha Jane Foote, came over and brought Gracie and balloon and a candy bracelet.Gracie was in heaven. You can see the lipstick ear better in this picture.

I tried to teach her to say she was two when asked how old she was. This is how it went -
Me: Gracie, How old are you?
Gracie: Gracie
Me: No, say " I'm two"
Gracie: "I'm two"
Me: yeah.
Gracie: "no, I'm five!"
By the end of the day I was able to convince her that she is two and not five. Her party was the next day but I decided to give her a little cake today. I let her lick the beaters from the frosting.
She liked that...a lot.Here she is with her cake. She wanted purple. She really liked us singing happy birthday to her...
so we did it twice.
She was a little too worried about getting close enough to the candles to blow them out so William came to help.
Then I wanted to get a cute picture of them together. You know, arms around each other smiling.

They were far too busy.
Birthday party post tomorrow.

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