Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Circus, Circus

I said I was going to post about this yesterday but I did not know how crazy yesterday was going to be. Well here it is Russ and Gracie's party that Russ barely showed up in time for. Such is life for the working man. He didn't even get to dress up like a clown and juggle:( I should have done it on a Saturday. Oh well.

It was HOT so we had the slip n' slide
Gracie just wanted to eat her new favorite food, hot dogs!Then I asked Gracie if she wanted to slip n' slide and she just pulled on her face and said, "I;m hot."
Connie tried to slide her down the slip n' slide but she turned over and got sprayed in the face
and did not like it.

But the other kids did not slow down.

The water table was a hit too.
Then we pulled everyone in out of the heat so Gracie could open her presents. She got so many!
Here she is excited about her Aerial beach ball.And a new purple shirt (her preferred color)
She wanted to put it on right then and tried too.
Here she is thanking Vaeh for the shirt.Gracie "yes another book". Me - "did you know we LOVE Sandra Boynton?" Thanks Michelle!And thanks to Gma C she is set in the dress up department for quite some time.Here is William sending buzz through he maze of Lollipops. The cut outs were my favorite part. I brought four pieces of cardboard to my niece and asked if she wanted to help me make some. She took over the project sketching them in a few minutes each and painting them.

And the cake! Growing up in my family you always got a train cake when you turned two and both William and Gracie have. Hers was a circus train.
When people started singing she wanted Russ by her.Russ cake top was not staying up too good:( but other than that it turned out good.and he blew out all the candles!yum.
Some more fun cut outs. Thanks to all who came. It did not turn out as planned but we got to be with people we love and eat cake and I guess that is all that matters. Oh - and Gracie had a blast!

If anyone wants to have a circus or carnival party and you want to borrow or buy my stuff, let me know. It should be used again.


  1. Morgan and I drove by when you were having your party on our way to the temple. I thought to myself, "That must be Gracies Bday party, and is she really having it outside, in July?" But now I see there was water. Thats good news.
    The decorations are absolutely adorable. Love the cutouts and the cakes were the CUTEST!!!

  2. I love all of the decorations and the cutouts are such a cute idea! Looks like a fun party. :)

  3. Love the paintings!!! Maybe I need to have party just to borrow then



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