Friday, May 27, 2011

Moving up

Today is Williams first last day of school. On Tuesday he had a little graduation program. Afterwards Russ said he is worried about when he starts having bigger achievements cause he had a hard time keeping control of his emotions and it is just kindergarten graduation.
This picture makes me laugh because this girl just put her arm around William as soon as she saw our camera.  At first he just stood there looking embarrassed and not quite sure what to do, but then he put his arm around her too. That is how he is, a friend to everyone.

In come the grads in their hats.
I love how they are all trying not to smile too big.

They sang us some songs. Below they are singing Baby Beluga.

And Skinna marinky dinky dink, skinna marinky doo...
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(he is pointing to me, by the way)

So dang happy.

The kids all loved the cake (who someone bumped with their purse) with all their pictures on it. Nothing better than eating your own face.

Grandma and Grandpa came too.

His graduation cap cupcake that he gave to Gracie.

And she loved licking the icing off of.

William and his teachers. We love them a lot. They have done such a good job to teach William so much. A lot of the kids moving on to 1st grade have been there more than one year, but William picked up of stuff pretty quick. Seems like just yesterday I dropped him off for his first day.

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