Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dear Joseph

Dear Joseph,
Time is a strange thing. It seems like you were born just yesterday and at the same time it is hard to imagine a time that I did not know you. I believe that is because I have known you a lot longer than 6 months.
You have grown very large, 20.6 lbs to be exact.
You sit up like champ and you love it. Your favorite is to sit on a blanket outside.
You love baths. You get excited when I pick you up naked cause you know the bath is coming. You bathe in the kitchen sink and I love it. When I picked out this sink this is exactly what I pictured - a baby bathing in it.
You love to eat, you tend to favor sweet potatoes and mixed veggies but you will eat fruit now. Fruit used to make you shudder when you would eat it, and you wouldn't eat it for very long.

You no longer need to be swaddled to go to sleep. Sometimes I swaddle you to rock you because it is just the routine, but I unwrap you when I lay you down. I know when you will really go to sleep if you turn your head to the left when I lay you down.
We moved your bassinet out and you sleep in a pack n' play. You seem to sleep better there, but you still wake up to eat once or twice a night. Someday you and I will sleep through the night.
You smile a lot and are a happy baby.

So now you are half a year old, but one whole lot of cute.

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