Wednesday, May 4, 2011

irrigation - it was on the list

When we were house hunting I had a list of all the things I would really like the house to have. I was flexible and we made plenty of offers on houses the didn't quite make the list. I prayed about this list hoping to find a house that matched it. In the end we found it (except for the basement. But I guess we did get that, just unfinished and not attached to our house). 
The reason I wanted irrigation is this...

And it is a great way to water fruit trees.

While they were out there William found a gecko.

He was very sweet and wouldn't run away from the kids. If we set him down he just stuck around.

I finally decided he must be dieing, but when we set him outside and left him and then went back to check on him, he was gone.

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  1. Irrigation is so much fun! We always had it when my parents owned the Elementary school and I always longed to play in it! I love the picture of William with the gecko! Super cute!



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