Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dear Gracie

Dear Gracie, 
You are such a fun little girl. There were just a couple things I wanted to write about so you would know what you were like when you were almost four. 
You love to play.You play with William, you play with Joseph, and you play with your friends. I like to call you the director of play because you always tell everyone what to say, "and then you said____"...The funny thing is how William totally goes a long with it and repeats everything you say. 
The only thing you like more than playing is reading books. You will bring me a very large stack of books to read and then you want to read more.

Here you are on the front lawn, enjoying the nice day with your books. I love that you love books. I hope it never changes.
You don't take naps anymore, but you probably should because you fall asleep a lot. Not everyday, but when you have played hard you will usually crash, especially if we are in the car.

You still like to argue with anything anyone says. We are working on that. You love primary and singing songs. You love going to dance with Ms. Beverly and "your girls". You love to help me cook dinner. You are better about putting your cloths on the right way, but sometimes they are backwards. You dress yourself and your outfits are awesome. You always say, "see, I told'ja" sounding very much like Chip from Beauty and the Beast.

When you get and owie you always want an ice pack. Also when you are sad or hurt you cry for whoever is not there. When Daddy is a work you cry, "Daaadddddyyyy". And same for me if I am not there. 
You are such a joy to have around. We all love you so much.

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  1. I really love the picture of her on the blanket with books. Precious!



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