Monday, May 16, 2011

How to put Joseph to sleep

On Friday William didn't have any school so we invited some friends over to swim. Joseph would kinda cry whenever I put his feet it. It was kinda cold, but only when you first touched it. I decided to just put him in the floaty thing thinking he would probably hate it. He whined when I was putting him in, but once he was in he laid his head down like he was asleep.
I don't think he was asleep the whole time. Sometimes I would see him crack his eye open. It was so funny, he just laid there and would not move.
He kinda had high temps that day (still does) from teething so I think the cold water felt good to his warm body.

This is him sleeping that night. I couldn't resist taking a picture. This is how the kid who needed swaddled the first half year of his life sleeps now.

The next day Russ took him swimming while I was gone and he said he fell asleep sitting strait up.
I think swimming tires him out.

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